For a little bit more info on where the cocoa beans I use come from, along with how they were handled before being turned into chocolate-

Coban, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala

  • Flavor profile: toasted almond, chocolate cake, cherry
  • Intercropped with: chili, cardamom, cinnamon, timber, fruit trees at an avg. altitude of 2,100 feet
  • Fermented in wooden boxes 
  • Dried using a combo of bamboo decks, drying patios and greenhouse dryers 

21 Degrees Estate, Kahalu'u, Hawaii

  • U.S. grown cocoa beans!
  • Single- estate beans from the windward coast of Oahu
  • Intercropped with: starfruit, coconut, turmeric, breadfruit, kukui 
  • Fermented in banana leaves

Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador

  • Flavor profile: roasted nuts, tamarind, toffee
  • Northwestern coast of Ecuador, hot, humid and semi- arid climate, short wet season
  • Intercropped with: timber, fruit trees
  • 5 1/2 day fermentation process

Semuliki Forest, Bundibugyo, Uganda 
  • Flavor profile: fig, chocolate cake, red bean paste
  • Intercropped with plantain, avocado, zapote, corn, yucca
  • Fermented in wooden boxes
Idukki Hills, Kerala, India
  • Provided by GoGround Cocoa
  • Southwest India's Kerala region
  • Intercropped with: papaya, coconut, cardamom, jackfruit, nutmeg, black pepper, and mango
  • Slightly lighter roast to create an extremely balanced, refreshing, and nutty cashew taste