Bean to Bar Process


  1. Sorting: picking through the cocoa beans and taking out any unfertizilized beans or unidentifiable objects
  2. Roasting: dries the beans, develops flavor & loosens the shells 
  3. Cracking & Winnowing: separates the shell/husk from the cocoa nib
  4. Conching & Refining: grinding down & mixing the cocoa nibs, cane sugar, and cocoa butter
  5. Tempering: heating and cooling refined chocolate so it has a glossy shine and snaps when you break it


Above: roasted cocoa beans -separated cocoa nibs- husk


Above: melanger crushing and refining cocoa nibs and cane sugar for 18-24 hours

Hand Painting: I use tempered, colored cocoa butter (completely edible!!) to add flecks of color to the chocolate bark. Any glitter is also 100% edible luster dust.