Once your order's in- 

  • I charge a flat rate of $7 for any size order. I don't collect any of the shipping charges- CxD isn't Amazon and can't afford 1-day overnight (I wish). 
  • You will recieve a tracking number to your email.
  • Please pay close attention to your tracking! Chocolate is an extremely tempermental product and can be subject to weather damage.
  • For orders sent to warmer destinations over 80 degrees, packages are supplied with insulation and ice packs to avoid melty chocolate soup when it arrives to you. For best results, don't leave your package in the hot Florida sun all day! Try to catch your mailman as soon as they drop it off.
  • All packages are shipped through USPS. 
  • Shipping times are ESTIMATED! USPS is (obviously) flooded during the holiday season so please be patient for your package. Once it is sent, it is out of my hands. If I could hand deliver every package I really would.
  • If your order arrives damaged, LMK ASAP through the contact page.
  • For storage and any other questions you may have visit the FAQ page.